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Berry Simons assists The NEST homeless shelter

Fri Nov. 15th 2019

The Auckland Council has recently granted the resource consents required to authorise a new homeless shelter to provide up to 114 beds for homeless men and women who have nowhere else to go for the night.

The facility is the brainchild of The Night Emergency Shelter Trust (NEST), a charitable organisation seeking to establish a homeless shelter in Auckland’s CBD. The NEST’s vision is to provide safe and welcoming emergency accommodation, as well as a pathway to wrap-around support services and more permanent housing. Guests will be supported by an onsite manager, social worker and security staff.

Berry Simons acted for The NEST on a pro bono basis as the project was a perfect opportunity to use the firm’s expertise to help Auckland’s most vulnerable members. It was also assisted by planning consultant, David Wren, and acoustic experts, Styles Group, who also donated their time.

“We were very happy to support such a worthy project and to demonstrate that we have a strong sense of not only environmental but also social responsibility,” says Partner Sue Simons.

“It has been a real privilege working with the talented and passionate team at The NEST, as well as consultants who donated their time, to help shape this project and bring it a step closer to realisation,” says solicitor Edwin Sheppard, who was responsible for running the application.

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