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Consent for Childcare Centre in Pukekohe

Wed June 19th 2019

Berry Simons’ Partner, Sue Simons, has successfully obtained consent for a new childcare centre accommodating 80 children and 15 staff in a greenfield development in Pukekohe.

The applicant’s brief to its architects was for a high-quality development of a scale and form that was consistent with neighbouring residential properties. Guided by a team of qualified experts the proposal includes adequate onsite parking, carefully designed landscaping and appropriate acoustic screening to ensure that the development was sensitive to its surrounds.

The proposal was opposed by a number of submitters due to concerns regarding potential noise, traffic and amenity effects of the proposal.Through expert testimony Sue demonstrated to the Commissioners that the proposal had been designed to avoid and mitigate adverse effects on the local community.The Commissioners agreed and granted consent subject to the conditions offered by the Applicant.

The application was heard in April with a decision issuing on 30 May 2019.

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