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Tue Nov. 1st 2016

On 30 October, Simon Berry ran the Auckland Half Marathon for charity and has so far raised $4,794 for the Mental Health Foundation. Simon has shared his Everyday Hero fundraising page on LinkedIn, Facebook and via email to friends and colleagues. So far 55 people have made donations.

“One of Berry Simons’ founding principles is a focus on wellness, so earlier this year I decided to dust off my running shoes, get fit and run for a charity. Many of the donations were incredibly generous including one from an old friend for $1,000," says Simon.

“It’s not a “sexy” charity but I chose the Mental Health Foundation to recognise the excellent work they do, and to acknowledge that busy professionals and business people like us can easily fall victim to visits from the "black dog" and that "it's okay not to be okay," Simon adds. “My donors saw the MHF as a very good cause and the Foundation was thrilled with my fundraising efforts. That said, I’d love to crack the $5,000 mark.”

It is still possible to contribute to the Mental Health Foundation for the next three weeks through Simon’s fundraising page.

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