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Strategic Legal Advice, Projects, and Advocacy

The Berry Simons team knows how to achieve our clients' objectives. It comes down to our team’s in-depth practical understanding of the Resource Management Act 1991 and all other legislation relating to Environmental and Resource Management Law such as the ‘fast track’ procedure under the COVID-19 Response Act and the Urban Development Act, and the way we apply this to your project.

The practice has vast experience and is fully resourced to advise on all areas of Environmental Law including residential, commercial, industrial and rural property development, planning instruments at all levels (especially the Auckland Unitary Plan), provision of energy and infrastructure, complex opinion work and RMA prosecutions.

We also advise and represent clients in relation to liquor licensing.

Our expertise is broad and includes advice in a range of development related areas, including:

      • Greenfield and brownfield developments, comprising residential, mixed use, commercial and industrial development at every scale, including major and challenging projects.
      • Water and wastewater, policy and consenting.
      • Energy projects, including geothermal, and wind power generation and distribution.
      • Coastal development, including marinas and aquaculture.
      • Retirement village development.

A key focus currently is advising on the range of consenting processes that have been promulgated in recent years, including fast track resource consent applications; the streamlined planning process; and, ‘called in’ projects of national significance and processes under the Urban Development Act 2020.

Our approach aims to achieve our client’s objectives without lengthy and expensive litigation. However, if litigation becomes necessary, we have an enviable reputation before the council, specialist agencies, the Environment Court and higher courts.

Essentially, our wealth of knowledge and experience means our clients receive strategic and nuanced legal counsel that smooths resistance and gets results. No matter the approach.

We can also assist with the alternative dispute processes that many councils and the Environment Court have been keen to utilise.

Submissions and Policy

We have extensive experience in advising and lodging submissions on national, regional and district planning instruments, appearing before councils and select committees, and bring a high level of integrity to the process.

Our intimate working knowledge and experience of the local, regional and state agencies means we can advise those agencies and our clients on matters of both policy and strategy at all levels of the policy and rule-making system.

Commissioner Appointments

Simon Berry is a qualified hearing commissioner and has the chairs endorsement. Simon has sat on several hearings involving plan changes, resource consent applications and designation requirements under the RMA.

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