A Leading New Zealand Environmental Law Firm

Strategic legal advice to navigate the complex issues associated with the use and development of Aotearoa New Zealand’s built and natural resources.

Strategic Legal Advice

Strategic legal counsel and advice based on our wealth of experience and expertise.

Submissions & Advocacy

Faster and better resolutions through our wealth of hands-on experience & industry knowledge.

Dispute Resolution

Fast, satisfactory dispute resolution, with a view to avoiding lengthy and costly court proceedings.

Specialists in every aspect of Environmental and Resource Management law

Our expert team advise clients on the full spectrum of processes under the RMA and related statutes, including special consenting procedures.

Berry Simons has the experience and skill to deliver success on your RMA project — whether that be a consenting strategy or strategic advice relating to law and policy. Using our unique methodology, our expert team can develop a collaborative strategy and approach that achieves your key objectives.

Our Team

Three skilled partners, with literally decades of experience to draw on, lead the Berry Simons’ team of specialists, supported by a team of senior associates and lawyers down to graduate level. See all

Berry Simons has Environmental Law in its DNA.

The fact that we practise almost exclusively in Resource Management and Environmental law (alongside some local government and liquor licensing advice), means we can provide the resources and the intellectual horsepower that easily match the equivalent team in larger firms. Indeed, a key focus of Berry Simons is to provide clients with a high degree of confidence that we will succeed while enjoying the benefits of our boutique offering. So, don’t think that you need to go to a larger firm to achieve successful results on major matters that we routinely deliver.

We take pride in being ‘commercial’, pragmatic and easy to work with — taking care to maintain close working relationships with our clients. Key decisions are made by senior client managers, partners and key advisors throughout your project - seated at the same table, physically or virtually.

We have proven time and time again our ability to deliver on large, complex and time-bound projects.