Consents approved for managed fill in Huntly

Fri April 28th 2023

An application for resource consent by Gleeson to establish and operate a managed fill and overburden disposal activity was granted in March 2023.

Sue Simons, with Chris Timbs and Taylor Doyle, successfully obtained resource consents for Gleeson Managed Fill Limited to establish and operate managed fill sites within the existing Gleeson quarry operation in Huntly.

In the three-day Council hearing in December 2022, Sue Simons alongside a multidisciplinary team of 14 experts and Gleeson representatives, presented extensive evidence covering all aspects of the proposal, including geotechnical engineering, groundwater, erosion and sediment control, contaminants discharge, air quality and asbestos, traffic, ecological effects, visual and landscape effects, planning and archaeological effects.

Gleeson's managed fill will comprise three areas to the north and northwest of the quarry. These fill areas will allow the importation and disposal of clean and managed fill, as well as overburden from the quarry. The proposal ensured rehabilitation of the land on completion of each fill area with forestry and the conversion of the sediment retention ponds into wetlands.

The Commissioners' decision, issued in March 2023, includes a comprehensive suite of consent conditions and grants Gleeson a term of 35 years to "enable the efficient use of the managed fill facility and will ensure that there is adequate time available for establishment works and then rehabilitation works upon completion and closure".

Berry Simons and Gleeson are continuing to work together with a view to quickly resolve the outstanding appeal issue regarding consultation conditions, through the usual mediation process, so operation of the consents can commence as soon as possible.

Partner Sue Simons says, "´╗┐Applications for fill sites are inherently tricky due to the public often having misconceptions about the actual effects of the activities on the environment. We were able to satisfy the Commissioners that the overall effect of this managed fill, adjacent to an operating quarry, would have effects that were no more than minor.´╗┐"

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